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“How much information do I need?” is a valuable question to ask early in the research process. The answer should help you determine where to look for information and when you can stop looking.

Check the information source for detail. Does the information source offer you the depth of coverage you need for your assignment?

There are specific details to look for in a website that can help the researcher determine the site's usefulness. Using these details will help you evaluate a website for its quality of construction, content, and depth of coverage.

What are the details?

How are they useful?

Navigation and scope

Site Map

Page Organization: titles, headings and subtitles

Navigation and evidence of quality construction

Works cited pages

Credit to information sources used

External links

Additional information sources

Internal search engine

Quick information retrieval

Visual aids and interface interaction

Interactive, graphic elements

Design appeal

Easy and pleasant to use

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A mnemonic acronym for information evaluation

Created by Karen M. Christensson, MS Library Media Education

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